Why Take A Knee? (3 Min Read)

Monday, September 25, 2017 - QUESTION OF THE DAY -

“One day GOD will take his love back from us, because we ain’t doin’ the love thing right.” – Thomas-Sparrow – 

It Was All In The Name Of Love?

Did you see what happened? Seriously did you see it? Let me say this. We all have witnessed once again the world’s oldest mind trick, divide and conquer. The old prehistoric mind trick got the exact and deserving response, in the most loving way. I’m talking about #TakeAKnee. Some owners and players chose to #TakeAKnee together, while some stood together. showed love by standing in a peaceful response to the president’s divisiveness. It was beautiful.

Most folks responded to the influence of a five-year-old mindset, by perceiving #TakeAKnee is a disrespectful act. Many folks responded with, “they are disrespecting the flag”, or “they’re disrespecting the anthem”, everywhere. Maybe some players were being disrespectful, but not all of them. Many of the folks who saw it all as disrespectful defiance, missed the meaning of this peaceful and unified display against a very alienating statements of the“commander-in-chief.” It seemed as if this kind of togetherness hasn’t been seen on this level in some time. This scene would not have occurred were it not for “The Donald”

The zombie like gravity to swell the adolescence of the president was all that was needed to have them ready to utter that mindless and familiar lingo. The same ole sad ever-present and blind ignorance. Sometimes I think to myself, President Trump is doing a great job uniting folks. Maybe on purpose, maybe not.

In 2017 blindness and ignorance is a choice. In 2017 automatic blindness comes before examining facts. In 2017 the zombie-like effect of historic tactics used to separate us, is still so awesomely popular. In 2017 mental illness is the new ambition. Much like the ambition of a rabid animal.. If love was as omnipresent inside of us as it is outside of us, there would be need to point a finger in judgement…. One day GOD will take his love back from us, because we ain’t doin’ the love thing right.

So if you missed it, maybe you should step back and evaluate what it is that you love or don’t love and be more honest to yourself about it. If folks loved themselves enough to be who they are 100 percent of the time, they would not run to the controversy like a dinner bell, just to express themselves. Why there is such an attraction to controversy anyway.

So the question for today is:

What If President Trump Just Wants To Get Back Into Owning Another Football League ?

Maybe he will do it by bringing shame to the NFL,

which could aid in their failure in the future?

Distraction has always been an effective tool of mind-control.

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