When They Speak In “Tongues”…. AND THEN THE GOOD LORD SAID ….

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 ... AND THEN THE GOOD LORD SAID ...

GOD and I have many great conversations. We have a great relationship. He loves my questions. I ask and he answers.

So today, I was thinking about something for a few minutes, and forgot to get the GOD side of things. So I asked:

What does it mean, when they “Speak in Tongues” ?



Absolute Nothingness …..

It is all for show. Those who are connected to me should never have a need to put on a show, unless of course they acting. Acting to influence the thought of a greater connection to me, by means of such non-sense. I let them do it because it is rather entertaining to me.

Don’t be fooled. They do not know me as they should. If there was no need to fool you, and no need to make themselves feel more important, and no need to impress upon you any such thing in my name, it just simply would not be done. They got fevers or sometin.

There is no special way to talk to me, where others are in awe of aforesaid speech. I like it better when you speak of me and to me with the normal volume and words which you are accustomed to. Speaking in tongues will never connect or reconnect any better with me. Your faith for me will never need to displayed for the delight of an audience…. Gotta go, TTYL. Someone is speaking in tongue again. Hilarity break…



Make certain your understanding, to hold my truth forever, that  the idea that speaking in tongues is any more of value to me than plain gibberish, are not of the hopes of those who love me..

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