What Is So Wrong With Flirting?

Monday, February 20, 2017 - QUESTION OF THE DAY -

“ If you don’t flirt, you’re probably dead inside. ”  – Katharine Towne – 

Why not flirt? What’s so wrong with it?


Flirting for me has always been about making a woman smile. Even when most folks flirt when they are attracted, i say flirting is a confirmation of creativity, imagination and humor .

For the folks that think flirting is lust and not a compliment, it wouldn’t hurt to just accept a little admiration every now and then. Flirtation should be a creativity way to express admiration. It helps many folks get thought the day with a smile in their hearts.


What do you say?

When is it inappropriate to flirt?

Has anyone ever taken your flirtation to mean something else?

How did you handle a situation where flirtation went way out of control?

Is flirtation only for the strong and secure ?




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