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- The Church Of Truth And Logic -

What if We Finally Discovered What True Love Is ?

Sometimes the very worst thing we do as humans is confuse the very definition with the meaning of the words we use. In this case, it’s the word LOVE. Love has many definitions and expressions but there is only one meaning. The very intimacy with every blessing that we don’t notice as a blessing is the reception of the true meaning of love. We’ll get to that a little later.

Under the weight of society’s insistence, love has come to be defined as the hope of a commitment with a life long partner or as relief from hurt and pain or an intense sexual desire or a powerful exhilaration of complete bliss or even a device for misplaced emotion, but none of this is love. This is infatuation, which means that the feelings are very temporary and will go away at some point. Praying for a commitment, dating some one else just to get over a recent relationship, the need for some sex, complete bliss and the thought of love as the opposite of hate, is infatuation. The definition of love has become a goal or a destination or a need for someone or something outside of us. None of that means love. These ways of thinking about what love is have always led to confusion and disappointment. What if we finally discovered that true love is growing in love instead of falling in love?

What The Familiar Meaning Of Love Is !

Much more than just a feeling, love at it’s essence is a living and breathing energy. This gift is taken for granted so well that we ignore its worth to think love is only pleasure and not pain. We have accepted the falsehoods that there is no real pleasure without pain. We all have been taught to believe that love is easily attainable through effort or that it is earned. This is not love. How would life and what is created for us to enjoy ever be without pain? Unless you are taught the importance of how pain equals elevation, pain would only be understood to be hurt, which is to the contrary of, and which is hostile to life and love itself.

Think about this, what if our star was never as relentless for life, and for us? The life we get from it far outweighs the pain we get from it. What if your mother did not experience pain through your birth? Would she love you any less? If you had no pain you would never spiritually grow. Love equals pain and pain equals growth. If you’re not willing to be in pain, then love pain and definitely childbirth would be used as guilt and not growth. We breathe because of love, we give because of love, we are blessed to be blessings. Love should not be a disguise for controlling another just to have our way. Love is not confusion but love is never being without clarity. Love is giving but love is also never waiting for a gift in return. Love never turns into revenge. Love is not superiority. Contrary to a millennium of popular beliefs, GOD is never waiting for a return gift and neither should you.

What The True Meaning Of Love Is !

When we love ourselves there is no need to search for love from anyone else, we commit ourselves to loving ourselves. When we love ourselves we don’t expect others to show us how to love ourselves, and we never expect someone to love us more than we love ourselvesWhen we love ourselves we don’t give the love to others that we should give to ourselves first. When we love ourselves we live the true meaning of love. We become familiar and connected with the everlasting and the gracious omnipotent intimacy with every blessing that we were not even aware of before. These blessings are the reception of the truth and the true meaning of love. We are no longer infatuated. We are no longer victims. We will come to realize that all that is in the universe is one-in-the-same within us. As up above, so is below inside of us all.


What if GOD made you earn love? The truth about love is that we are only receiving love just to pass it on with our thoughts and actions to other living things. Our problems with love are the sums of our greed for it. We are all doing it wrong. When we remove out beliefs, when we choose freedom over popularity, the instructions for love and growth becomes perfected. Love becomes a frequency of certainty. Everything else in this universe operates on this frequency of certainty, why can’t we?

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