She’s Always In My Hair

Monday, January 9, 2017 She's Always In My Hair

With her warm glare and  giving tone, she keeps advising, ” Kings Don’t Frown “.  

When she cheers for me, it seems like she has to power to move the sun so, it’s just shining on me.

I always look for my own reflection in her eyes when she says without hesitation ” On To Plan B Tommy “, adding ” you’ve come to far “.

She predictably harmonizes with my greater calling.

She inspires me eternally, as she says ” they gave off the wrong energy, but you walked right through it, just like I knew you would “.

I admire her admiration for our mission.

Her sparkling optimism can barely contain her passion for our prosperity. 

Her supreme patience, is as still as an ocean without a single ripple.

 Her overbearing, non-stop continued, drill sergeant like presence,

at times,  drives me too fast.

She keeps me from getting sleep. She seems to have an ambition to make me go crazy………

with focusing on accomplishments and growth. The electricity of the Muse..

Her words spark and inspire. Her brilliant star never fades.

The distance, ever so great, but she still embraces me.

She is always standing with me.

She still dances all around my mind.

She dictates my dreams.

” She’s Always In My Hair “

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