Putting Prayer Back…. AND THEN THE GOOD LORD SAID ….

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 ... AND THEN THE GOOD LORD SAID ...

GOD and I have many great conversations. We have a great relationship. He loves my questions. I ask and he answers.

So today, I was thinking about something for a few minutes, and forgot to get the GOD side of things. So I asked:

Should Prayer Be Put Back in Schools ?



If You Love Me…..

You would not contiually volunteer margins within or without, where or when your acts of communication unto me are to be done. If you love me you would put payer back into you. If you love me you would but payer back in your own dwelling places. You would fathom what prayer is. You would not allow this very stupid question to enter your mind.

Whatever prayer you don’t possess inside of your ownself, or pray as if it is joined to a part of a group, is not even my concern. If one abides with any other or system, which declares when and where or if to pray to me, you only love me with your vanity. You’re not of the intelligence to know what I am. Or even whom you claim to be. You can never pray to me, if you do not know me. Who do you pray to?



Make certain your understanding, to hold my truth forever, that all who abide in me, so will I abide in them, this is of the hopes of those who love me..

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