Meditate As If You Are Your Very Own Planet! (3 Min Read)

Monday, August 7, 2017 - QUESTION OF THE DAY -

“ Meditate to ask, Meditate to listen, Pray for the tools act on it continuously, then Meditate to give back thanks ”   – Thomas-Sparrow – 

Understanding What Meditation Does

It is a fact, every single human being meditates, but many don’t realize that they meditate more along with some other wishes or beliefs besides their own. We confirm, other beliefs when we speak the wishes and wants of others into our very own minds and souls, because we were taught to, or persuaded to do so, without questioning the reasons for these other beliefs. With your mind and eyes opened or closed, you are more willing to do so when you are told to believe it as so. If you meditate for you and your thoughts and desires alone, you will make better decisions for you. You will start the real visions of how things will turn out in your own life, from your own mind.

Many folks are somewhat intimidated by their lack of meditation’s meaning and purpose. Meditation’s purpose is harmony, the same kind of harmony we see with an invention, which is a blend of many creations by other folks, like a car. Meditation is the purpose of delivering harmony unto ones-self. The meaning of it lies in the understand that harmonious growth is a must, as it is with all things that work under GOD’s will. You could compare the meaning of meditation to eating right, exercising and kindness… It can only be good for you.

How To Meditate

Activating mediation is activating a quieting of your mind to the point of which you only focus on your breathing at first. Breathing in the possibilities and breathing out the negativity. Next, is being still with your thoughts until you are able to focus on the positive thoughts and introducing more positive thoughts to your self. Thoughts that may be to concentrate on reducing your anger for your own failures, interrupting the usual ‘beating up of your self” which only get worse over time, or devoting more time to treat yourself and others better, or to lose wight or that fear and doubt will will always be present. Meditation is a universal force we are all gifted with, to quiet our wild emotions, and center our visions for what goes through the mind and body. We must use this gift as it was intended, correctly.


What happens Next

Meditate and envision a positive outcome whenever you are fearful of anything, or worried about anything,or when you feel the weight of a problem. You may be thinking or you may be asking “what do I say while I meditate?”, or “where do I start?” . Here is one very good resource, that has worked well for meStart when you awake, and use these examples to help you through the day and throughout your life.

So the question for this week is:


Will Meditation Now Work For You?


Try it for yourself, see how it affects your life.

Do it again and again, until it is a part of your very own rhythm.

It will help ! Just Do It…….

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