“I’m A Racist, They Are Racists, Everyone Is A Racist” ( 3 Min.Read )

Monday, January 1, 2018 - The Church Of Truth And Logic -

- The Church Of Truth And Logic -

Did He Just Call Me A Racist ?

So am I talking to you? Are you a racist? There is no discernible difference between someone who hides their “racism” or doesn’t hide it. The fact is that everyone is born with the complete capacity to possibly be a racist. If you don’t know if you are or are not, you must be very very careful to not let the mutation of racism happen to you.

The mental illness which is called racism, can sometimes spread it’s common cold to promote guilt, to other shallow, dim-witted, and jealous humans whom are easy to blame others for their own problems. The need for superiority somehow takes over the feeble mind of the typical racist just as a disease might do. It blinds them enough to refer to a human being as competing in a race between colors like white, black and brown, with some sort of higher “value” for melanin or some sort of purity for aryan blood. While there are no real differences, stupefaction is winning like a motherfucker.

To wash away the ego and emotion, and reinstall logic, the first step is the truth.

See more at: http://RichardDawkins.net

Secondly, understand that this business worked without any one being stolen. Open your mind to see that lies that made you believe that you were stolen, seem to work more today then ever. “Race” was invented.

Lesson by Anthony Hazard, animation by NEIGHBOR.

Here is a sterling example of racism on steroids. And furthermore, an illustration of how an ample vocabulary is sometimes equal to basic bullshit.

It must be said that even love can do away with the need to be superior, or be thrilled by the mentally ill. When we love ourselves, we will move together to let all types of hate pass as the cloud it is. Love will show us the meaning of happiness. We should concentrate on love more than we concentrate on something that was design to keep us all spiritually and mentally removed from your own happiness, and our own birthright of the love for our own beings. We have never been taught to unblock, and otherwise, have been misled to worship and think of GOD as one who will fix all “problems”. We need to realize that WE already possess that power. Somehow we turn love into the opposite of it. Love Conquers All. Ask yourself “Do I Love Me?” The power you possess to regain your knowledge of your own power of love and freedom is a commodity of love. With all of the many ways to give you what is popular, non-stop and without fail. To live in the light of love, will always be the meaning of freedom. All else is the freedom to live someone else’s dream.

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