The most famous kept secret for an eternity is love. We have accepted love as just wishful thinking for too long. Love does conquer all, only when allow it to conquer. We attempt to win love, as we are confused. Learning to love seems to not be a priority for many of us. We search for love from others while not ever seeing  it within ourselves. The misplaced feeling of entitlement, and the distractions of gains and possessions have buried what we really want and need. We need more love.
More than ever, the time is now to dismiss the distractions, and learn to love.
Evidence of love is everywhere! For example, the sun provides life and energy, gravity provides a foundation, and the ether provides a connection to it all. There are no greater examples of our functions within the infinite love we live and breathe . Among  other forces and physics, there is no other existence of the beauty of life, of quantum proportions, known to man in this whole solar system. The creator and the whole entire universe is waiting for you to love it back.
As the world still orbits and rotates, as the energy of life is offered, and as it is our duty and honor, we all here at this internet space, intend to faithfully further the creator’s meaning love, through selfless encouragement, and reassurance to all, of what love is. As love and self worth would have it. As GOD and as we would have it.
Helping all others to be a part of heavenly growth, featuring displays of affection from the soul, the ways of appreciation to another, and nothing less, is the mission of Musings And Music.We intend to help proof that love conquers all. We intend to help every soul realize the power of love. We intended to prove that love is everywhere.
 Journey with us as we partake in love for all things, and all people, just as love promises, like never before.  Today, we begin to accept the power and permission to love ourselves while we learn to love others just a bit more each day. You are cherished more than you could conceive. You are designated to be here. Someone needs your care, and tenderness, without fear, and with warmth.

Start Using Love Today !!

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