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Monday, October 23, 2017 - The Church Of Truth And Logic -

- The Church Of Truth And Logic -

More than 40 women have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment or assault by Sandra Gonzalez @CNNMoney

Link : Harvey Weinstein Accusers

Why is everyone so needing to speak on it now? All knew of his abusiveness long before now, so why care now? Why care about this when your own personal issues need your attention right now? You willingly distract your self with shit like this, especially when it has nothing to do with most you. You are not angelic, you are not a comedian you are not innocent, like you would like another to believe. Many of you are as guilty as he is. What about this makes it so much of a shocking story when the main ones who could have spoke up before now planned to benefit from him before now, and this is what kept them all quiet until now. Abuse only works alongside of greed. The kind of greed that also forces mouth’s to close tightly ( No Pun Intended ). Are you saying that you would’ve been quiet about it forever if you got what you wanted from him? Are you gonna feel sympathy for the folks in ancient Rome, and Greece and every other part of the world when it happened to them.. Oh, I get it, nobody spoke up about that.

This kind of thing has always happened and will always happen. Not even speaking out about sexual abuse prevents it from happening to those who do not know how to prevent it from happening to them. Be careful, because you just might be showing that you are jealous of him and you want to be him and it burns you up inside that your are not him. It makes those who are so powerless feel the opportunity to have fake power or some sympathy by speaking out about it at the right time.

Not Everyone, but most of you all need to STOP IT!

Stop with your false hurt, and fake comfort, just because you wish you had his power.  Mind your own issues enough to deal what is in your own mirror.

Stop pouring out your caged feelings, for things like this that do not even you personally. Keep this very same abuse from happening in your own family. Stop abusing the people you claim to love. If you are abused and don’t like it or you know that you deserve better, than love you more. Learn to not let it happen to you again. Grow from it. Try speaking out about the abuse you have encountered for your own therapy first, and then share to make others aware. Stop hiding the facts now and pointing the fingers later. Stop looking for someone else to save you when you are the only one can save you. Stop wishing to be a victim just to gain notoriety. Some of the very folks whom hop on this bandwagon, whom all of a sudden speak out are probably abusers too. Stop showing an abuser that they can get away with it because no-one will speak on it until years after the abuse takes place. Stop popularizing hatred and making happiness an image of craziness.

 For The Audience Members

Stop placing blame for the abuse that does or does not happen to you, on somebody else who is innocent. In other words, getting angry from the logic involved with this article, and getting angry with me over some one else’s pain, will not fix the problem. If you went out and stared at the sun all day, would you blame the sun for what happens to your eyes? Stop making everyone with fake comfort, fake support and fake feelings believe that they have to chime in with their unhealed misplaced emotions. Stop making the stupid even more stupid. Stop making the powerful more powerful. Folks speak out about love and happiness all day long but not many are making a mockery of the need to love yourself first, or maybe in the most natural “satanic” way, you are making a mockery of all that is good, but too blind to see.

How satisfying it must be for this system to know that you folks wasted so much time on the system and totally ignored what is much more important. If nothing happened to you it soon will in some other form maybe because you don’t see that comforting others is a form of sheep-mindedness. Spending quality time to aid one in misery is what you should do. Does this make any sense? If none of this makes sense to you than let me tell you that your misplaced emotions are leading you into a trap. This whole thing is just one feature of the master plan to have you more concerned and distracted more than you are concerned about your own self.

Power will always corrupt and any one of you would do the same that he has done if you were in his position. Try this, ignore being popular just as much as you ignore your own personal issues. Deal with what is in your mirror or in your thoughts first. Don’t have such a strong opinion after the fact. How is this not making any sense?

I do not wish for anyone to be abused for any reason ever, but the abuser is not the only one to blame.

The shame of the presence of love and how it waits for us to accept it, is what is missing. Ignored as if it does not exist. None of this story of an abusive person should activate a critical thought so much that it would take the place of the love we should have for ourselves first, and then for each other. Just imagine how much abuses like this would not even happen if this man loved himself more than his own misplaced emotions. And still we move so quickly to ignore love and act and speak on and with the wrong emotions, just as he did. How is he wrong and not you too?

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