Have you ever asked yourself “why is it so hard to find someone to just talk to?” 

Have you found no relief, or guidance from your family or loved ones?

Does your deepest need for a real answer, keep you unhappy?

If you had the one chance to understand your purpose on earth, would you pursue being the person you’ve always wanted to be?

When you truly need to talk to someone, what do you do?

It should be so simple…..

You shouldn’t go broke from doctor’s fees, to be cared for.

You don’t need to feel the smother of opinion and judgement.

All you need is to speak freely, without judgement, without

an opinion, or even a huge doctor’s bill.

 It should be just that simple. Right !

 Everyone needs to know that they are important.

Everyone needs to know that they are loved without measure.

We do not all have a shoulder to lean on.

We don’t all have someone to talk to, when we feel down and worried.

 How Does ” Full Empathy  ” Work ?

If you need help with your current depression, a current crisis in your relationship,

or feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed?

If you feel uncomfortable speaking with family and friends.

If you need to feel love. If you need to know that someone cares about you.

If you want to talk about your problems.


How To Get Started !!


Step One : Contact Us.

Step Two : Fill in the form with precise details of your wishes and issues to be discussed.

 Inform me of your most convenient time for counseling or mentoring.

Why you should call ?


I am experienced with counseling and mentoring ranging from emotional support,

to deterring suicide, to family grief, to all other issues with many folks of all ages all over this country. I communicate confidentially and anonymously.

I am here to add strength to your journey in life. Whatever your age. Wherever your current life situation finds you.


If this service has been helpful to you, I ask for your support through your testimony and your donations,

to carry on with the mission to spread love through counseling and mentoring,

and to continue growth and outreach of this service, for all others.

I ask for, and need your support.


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