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  “ We should remember that bearing a heartfelt testimony is only a beginning. We need to bear testimony, we need to mean it, and most importantly we need consistently to live it. We need to both declare and live our testimonies. ”  – David A. Bednar –

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Thank you Mr.Thomas Sparrow. I really didn’t think anyone would ever get through to my son. Thanks so much for your care and knowledge. He thinks you are a great person to talk to. I have already noticed a change with him. I really liked our conversation also.  I am so glad to have came across your website. Thank you.

L. Brown –  Baltimore MD


I love the little spinning heart thing, and you site is a pretty website but why would anybody trust you with any advice about anything? 

Rachel –  Raleigh NC

Response To Rachel


I hope all is well with you. I thank you for this question and for this opportunity to be helpful. Whether there are plaques and honors on my wall or not, a gift is a gift. With all do respect to the highly educated, the gift of which a share, is sanctified more than it is educated. just as sanctified the great energy of life is. Not many were taught to love and love others. Not many ever understand how simple love is. Love is not educated. Education itself, at one time in history was not educated. Before education was “education”, it was only an idea, a concept, a divine spiritual endeavor.

I am purely a mentor ( a patient father figure and leader ), relationship technician ( I advise on the sensitive nature of how folks relate to each other ), thought leader ( leadership of the promoting of heavenly balance for forward thought and movement ), optimism professional ( I advise with divine enlightenment and assurance ), love recycler ( I bless others as a result of my many blessings ), and care giver ( a giver of care, pure care ). Plaques and honors are not a guarantee for a successful search or successful solution for how love is defined and how others should feel love from you, or even why we all need love. Real love. The care, love, comfort and encouragement on this level, are only certified and verified by those who experience a great value from my advice. Those are my accolades, degrees and awards.

I understand your worries. i hope this helps. I am very sure that you will understand things better once you take a few moments to partake of my advice. 


I thank you to no end for your concerns and for visiting this website. Take a further look at the mission statement, about statement, and all the other resources for spiritual growth on this website…. If you like what you find, please share. if there is anything else you would love to discuss, please contact me again...


Have A Wonderful Day !!! 

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