Congrats Ladies…. #MeToo

Monday, January 8, 2018 - The Church Of Truth And Logic -

- The Church Of Truth And Logic -

Let It Be Known !

Many men hate the power of women to the point of sexualizing that power. Most men gain power in order to make themselves think that their power is equal to the natural power of a woman. Once in power, this popular power to unveil their own feelings of insecurity due to their immaturity, and use it against women, but at some point they learn that their position is still not a close to comparison with the nature of the muse. Through the centuries, many men carry on hiding the fact that they wish that they were women. Those that are extremely jealous of the mental strength of the woman, will also be the ones whom find reasons to abuse, fleece, deny, victimize and control the power of the woman. As with false power, those men who are jealous of women, have mastered how to completely hide their hatred for the fairer humans. They can’t dominate a woman mentally, so the power intoxicates them enough to think that sexually,and physically they can gain back some pride for the hurt the ego to feel equal. A weaker man will even beat a woman when he needs to feel equal to a true man. In the past, women remained silent to abuse and harassment, but not any more. Speaking out is so long overdue. I for one applaud your strength, fortitude, and boldness. Even religion can’t keep you down anymore.

Set your power free….


The Statue’s shackles and feet. National Park Service, Statue of Liberty NM

JimmyCarter: Why I Believe The Mistreatment Of Women Is The Number One Human Rights Abuse!

Jackson Katz: Violence Against Women, It’s A Men’s Issue!

Congrats to those women whom have shed their fears,

those whom once stood at the closed door named “Be Silent,”

to walking through the open doors of triumph….

They will never show you why they fear you…

More Power To You All…. !

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