Are Most Gay Folks …. AND THEN THE GOOD LORD SAID ….

Monday, February 20, 2017 ... AND THEN THE GOOD LORD SAID ...

GOD and I have many great conversations. We have a great relationship. He loves my questions. I ask and he answers.

So today, I was thinking about something for a few minutes, and forgot to get the GOD side of things. So I asked:

Are most gay people the spice of life ?



Of Course …..

Would anything ever created by gay folks, ever be made manifest on earth, if it were not for my creation of femininity inside the body of a male? As it is, the full spectrum of what beauty is, would not be as I intended it, if even one perspective in musical design, fashion design, science, or life in general is omitted. Most do not realize the boundless creativity within femininity itself.

Because of male dominating the control of even my gift of free will, to influence the very free will of many others in your country, the view of what is feminine is, unfortunately is used to blind you. Most of you have this so called abomination thing so wrong. All sins against me are abominations. Let that simmer.

I created androgyny, homosexuality, asexuality, and every other sexuality, spice within all forms of life. They are all fine with me. I created Adam, Eve, Steve and Pat.

Let me tell ya, you have all evolved from elements and organisms, with the help of energy, while held in to place on a big round object, while spinning and floating in space. No one opinion should advance to become cult-like. Lucifer has enlisted most to welcome genetics as my word.

Due to a combination of my supreme creation, and my almighty will, you exist among so many who follow a great, wide popular opinion, and fail to respect my omnipotence, and appreciate my seasoning about the earth.



Make certain your understanding, to hold my truth forever, for the idea that gay folks being the spice of life, are of the hopes of those who love me..

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