Thursday, February 9, 2017 ... AND THEN THE GOOD LORD SAID ...

GOD and I have many great conversations. We have a great relationship. He loves my questions. I ask and he answers.

So today, I was thinking about something for a few minutes, and forgot to get the GOD side of things. So I asked:

Why do folks always want the truth, but will not accept it ?



Direct and full of energy as my words are, …..

Their is only one truth, that is me. Everything else is fact and fantasy.

Enlightening as it is, as you hear my truth in your soul, while infinite intelligence harmonizes with my holy spirit, the brain, that feeble human brain will always shut me and my will down. Energy and growth can never be destroyed.

On earth it is so easy to have faith in what is physical. Emotional energy will always breed ego. The greater the emotions, the greater the egos. Ego blocks the compassion for my truth. Any amount of ego. Then that ego will soar and transmit like a sickness. A plague in the mind. This leaves generations upon generations to be addicted to the ego’s need for importance and control. My gifts of growth and energy are corrupted into selfishness…

They feel my truth and its consequences while believing in my works instead of me. Ignore for now, but time will wait, until the earth brings you right back to the same place it was previously. They ask why me, the sorrow and remorse is distinct as they pray not knowing that I will not listen.The truth will repeat itself until total acceptance with humans. My truth is so pure that it existed before you and will be here after you.

Now leave me alone.. Go and be… I gotta go and make Jupiter storm some more, and change see what changes I want to make with Venus, and then I need to go watch my other earth, an infinity away from you all. Shh…, don’t tell those physicist folks. I like to keep them guessing. 


Make certain your understanding, to hold my truth forever, for the idea of worshiping idols are not of the hopes of those who love me..

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