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Wednesday, February 8, 2017 ... AND THEN THE GOOD LORD SAID ...

GOD and I have many great conversations. We have a great relationship. He loves my questions. I ask and he answers.

So today, I was thinking about something for a few minutes, and forgot to get the GOD side of things. So I asked:

Are you sending us messages through movies and television shows ?



Of course…..

If you clones would only just accept the fact that the movies and television shows of my constellations are the same thing, and along with a automatic meditation soundtrack, it all could stay where I intended it to stay…. In your head.

You could make up your very own movie complete with your own soundtrack, when you look up at my sky a view times a day.

Even still, I so much like that some  movies and television shows give you all an invite to search within, for your own purpose of your reproduced lives . I like it when some parts of a movie make you all think about me. I mean I love to see the interest with life changing messages from some movies like Contact, ( you gotta know I’ve prepared other dimensions where thoughts and dreams are inside of thoughts and dreams), and The Man From Earth ( the truth is easily denied until it can not be disputed [I love parables]). 


Make certain your understanding, to hold my truth forever, for the idea of silly ass T.V. Programming, and Motion Pictures are not of the hopes of those who love me..

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